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How can Wearable Technology

Improve Your Golf Game?

Humo Golf creates breakthrough golf technology designed to make improving your swing translate to lower scores on the golf course; developed especially for junior golfers by experts in golf and engineering. 


Why wearables?

Humo Golf's Wearable Technology provides accurate golf swing data and can be worn during practice, lessons, or while you're playing golf. This provides the most accurate data set to help players and instructors make informed decisions on swing changes and player development. 

Coming Summer 2024

Humo Go Swing Analysis Sensor Aid and Humo Pro with Lower Body Pressure Socks

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Who We Are

The Humo Golf Team is made up of experts in science, engineering, and golf. We develop smart systems that provide data and insights with personalized feedback that helps golfers accelerate their mastery. Everyone can play better and have more fun with the right information. Humo is here to provide that information, and help players love the game of golf.

team booth pga show.jpg
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