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Humo Pro
  • Humo Pro

    Develop a comprehensive understanding of your golf swing utilizing Humo’s full capabilities.


    The Humo Pro Includes: 

    • Humo Go Hand Sensor
    • Sensor Socks
    • Additional Pair of Socks


    This is the complete Humo technology package. The Humo Performance Package combines upper and lower body data for a complete swing analysis taken from swings during practice and on the course.



    Every single golfer has once asked themselves the question: why was I hitting in so well in practice but it all fell apart on the course? Humo’s Sensor Socks can be worn during practice or lessons and on the golf course.


    Humo’s Sensor Socks allow players and coaches to capture data and see how different lies on the golf course affect the golf swing.


    Note: The Socks ARE washable (but the sensors are not!). The socks will last up to 75 washes. Once a pair of socks has reached the end of its life cycle, Humo Pro users will be able to purchase replacement socks compatible with the existing sensor. Please email for additional information.


    Lower Body Data

    • Center of pressure
    • Vertical force data
    • Shear and Movement
    • Lead/Trail foot distributions





      Shipping Summer 2024
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      App Features

      • Track on-course practice

      • Track practice

      • Track progress

      • Accelerate Learning

      Humo Golf Technology

      Swing Acceleration

      Gauge swing smoothness, particularly during the crucial transition phase, a key element in maximizing clubhead speed.

      Synchronize With Video

      Sync sensor data with video for precise analysis of club control. High-speed replay helps instructors pinpoint power leaks like over-opening the club face in the backswing and insufficient rotation in the downswing.

      Lower Body Data & Center of Pressure Movement

      Combine upper and lower body data for a complete swing analysis. Achieving optimal club speed and ball flight control hinges on precise coordination between the hands and lower body. Mishandling pressure transfer, either too early or too late, often leads to poor contact—manifesting as fat shots, thin shots, and erratic clubface alignments.

      Performance Feedback and Tracking

      Focus on long-term development, offering the essential ability to measure performance over time quantitatively. The software application stores your club and shot data whether during a practice session, a round, or a tournament. It's crucial for golfers to track progress and ensure ongoing improvement. Humo’s powerful AI coach provides tips and feedback specific to your swing style and progress over time.



      How do I put on the Humo Go sensor?

      Think of the sensor as a compass. While face-up, set the loop to the North and slip your middle finger through. Secure the straps around your wrist.

      How do I connect to Humo Go?

      Your sensors can be paired with your mobile device via Bluetooth. 

      Can I use Humo Go for instructional purposes?

      Yes, our Instructor Set is specifically designed for instructors and learning golfers.


      Coming Summer 2024

      If you are looking to place a bulk order, would like to inquire about our golf instructors' program, or simply have questions about Humo Go pre-orders, feel free to reach out by clicking below!

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