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Humo.Golf creates breakthrough golf technology designed to make improving your swing translate to lower scores on the golf course. Developed especially for junior golfers by experts in golf and engineering.

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About Humo Golf

Humo Golf is an innovative technology company helping to revolutionize the world of golf. We combine neuromechanics, engineering, and golf instruction knowledge to create unique products that change how golfers think about their game.

Breakthrough Golf Technology

Sensor Socks
Junior Golf Swing

Humo’s Technology Utilizes Engineering and AI to Measure Key Swing Performance Metrics.

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Swing Acceleration

Gauge swing smoothness, particularly during the crucial transition phase, a key element in maximizing clubhead speed.


Lower Body Data & Center of Pressure Movement

Combine upper and lower body data for a complete swing analysis. Achieving optimal club speed and ball flight control hinges on precise coordination between the hands and lower body. Mishandling pressure transfer, either too early or too late, often leads to poor contact—manifesting as fat shots, thin shots, and erratic clubface alignments.


Synchronize with Video

Sync sensor data with video for precise analysis of club control. High-speed replay helps instructors pinpoint power leaks like over-opening the club face in the backswing and insufficient rotation in the downswing.


Performance Feedback and Tracking

Focus on long-term development, offering the essential ability to quantitatively measure performance over time. The software application stores your club and shot data whether suring a rpactice session, a round, or a tournament. It's crucial for golfers to track progress and ensure ongoing improvement. Humo’s powerful AI coach provides tips and feedback specific to your swing style and progress over time.

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Wearable Golf Technology


Humo Go 

Humo Go is a wearable sensor system developed to improve a golfer’s swing and shot consistency. 

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Humo Pro

Develop a comprehensive understanding of your golf swing utilizing Humo’s full capabilities.


The Humo Pro Includes: 

  • Humo Go Hand Sensor

  • Sensor Socks

  • Additional Pair of Socks


Humo Go App

Humo Go Software is the athlete, trainer, and coach connections. Our golf app provides golfers and golf instructors data from on-course, practice, and lessons to identify inconsistencies and create targeted performance plans.

Humo Go

Humo Go is a wearable sensor system that improves golfers' swing and shot consistency through live-data and analysis on the Humo Go App. Humo Go allows golfers to play better golf and have more fun.


Measures and tracks tempo, swing path, club speed


Active Feedback


Different Color and Size Options for Adults and Juniors

Hand Sensor


Use during practice, lessons, or while you play


Simple Interface, minimal setup


Multiple Engagement Options

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Humo Sensor Socks

Every single golfer has once asked themselves the question: why was I hitting in so well in practice but it all fell apart on the course?


Humo’s Sensor Socks can be worn during practice or lessons and on the golf course. Our Sensor Socks allow players and coaches to capture lower body data and see how different lies on the golf course affect the golf swing.


Sensor Socks are available in the Humo Pro package, including a Humo Go wearable hand sensor for only $349. 

Sensor Socks

Center of Pressure

Vertical Force Data

Shear Forces and Movement

Lead/Trail Foot Distribution

Humo Go

Mobile App for iOS / Android

Track On-Course Data

Track Practice

Humo GO Mock UP

Track Progress

Accelerate Learning

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